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Hmong Times newspaper, is the newspaper of the Hmong Community. The Hmong Times, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, covers news relevant to the Hmong Community locally

Hmong Americans: A Review of Felt Needs, Problems, and Community Development by Kou Yang, Ed.D. Hmong Studies Journal, 2003, 4:1-23 Another example of the group

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Hmong may refer to: Hmong people, an ethnic group of people who live in China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand; Hmong cuisine; Hmong customs and culture

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Who Are the Hmong People in America? The Hmong (pronounced hmung with a very soft h) in the United States are a relatively small southeast Asian ity group who

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Webpage of the Hmong Cultural Center of Saint Paul, MN.

The Miao is an ethnic group recognized by the government of China as one of the 55 official ity groups. Miao is a Chinese term and does not reflect the self

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Information about Hmong history, culture and community with emphasis on health related issues.

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Why the Hmong People are in America. Essay on the Hmongs by Jeff Lindsay.

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Minnesota Historical Society resources about the history and culture of Minnesota’s Hmong people. The Hmong — a distinct ethnic group with ancient roots in China

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Hmong Americans – History, The hmong in laos Ha-La

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